Mission Statement

Our mission is to work towards growing Broadstone as a Dementia Friendly Community. This will include Dementia Friendly Businesses and outreach to as many people in Broadstone and the surrounding area as we can, who may be feeling isolated, particularly in the early stages of dementia. We seek to build up a sound foundation of support in our community for patients and carers: through signposting existing avenues of support, working in partnership with other organisations, providing dementia friendly training, and directly setting up activities for which there is a need.

Steering Group

The members of the Steering Group are:

  • Dame Annette Brooke
  • Rev Linda Carter – St John’s Church
  • Tony Weber – Coles Miller solicitors representing the Chamber of Trade
  • David Anderson
  • Peter Jones – psychiatric nurse and dementia champion
  • Lesley – Librarian at Broadstone Library
  • Elaine Frew – representing Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch
  • Judith Bacon – Poole Wellbeing Collaborative
  • Phil Walton – volunteer

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